eCommerce Campaigns

Spend your Dollars Wisely

We are a seasoned veteran of paid advertising, spending your advertising dollars wisely and increasing positive leads towards active sales of your brand with our Result Oriented Approach!
The longevity of our company, as well as growth, demonstrates our ability to adapt and excel to market changes fast.

Generate High-Quality Traffic

Tried and Tested

While there are multiple ways to generate traffic, driving targeted viewers to your site via eCommerce campaigns is a tried and tested method for generating sales.

Delivering Straight Solutions

There are over 3 billion searches every day on the Search Engines. We tap on these searches which are queries to the solution provided by your brand.

Drive Potential Customers

 Our aim as online marketers is always to drive potential customers to your site and boost your conversions. 

More Conversions at Lower Costs

We excel at eCom advertising and the ability to get your product to your customer at a low CPA which will propel your eCommerce site.

Result Driven Approach

Our team works with you to determine the right keywords and match types that are best suited to your business to maximize your ROAS. We were able to generate around 900 leads in a single campaign at less than $0.6 per lead for one of our clients.

Optimized Campaigns for Fast ROI Recovery

Clicks which convert

Once set up, eCommerce paid campaigns will direct traffic to your website almost instantly. However, it is necessary to ensure your ad spend returns you enough by approaching clicks which converts.

Optimized Ads

We will run optimized ads to direct the buyers to your site with knowledge of the customer’s intent and the conversion elements designed right into the ad copy.

Campaign Monitoring

Our optimization mechanisms allow us to continually monitor your campaign’s performance so that we can make adjustments as needed.

More Visibility with Remarketing

A successful campaign will help you retain existing customers and make them more loyal than ever.

  • Remarketing ads lets you display ads to bounced traffic sometime after leaving your website. It targets potential buyers who either leave the product on your website's cart or were just exploring certain products. Statistics state that only 2% of traffic on the website converts on its first visit. We retarget and reach the remaining 98% of dormant visitors who have recently shown interest in your brand.

Do you need an online marketing strategy to generate more website traffic and sales?

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