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Our Story As Digital Marketing Experts

About Us

Our belief is that “What you focus on, grows”. WireMonster’s philosophy is to implement every strategy of growth in the best possible way for your business to grow 5X in 15 weeks.

Our Story As Digital Marketing Experts

Our Mission

WireMonster simplifies digital marketing solutions by making them easy to understand and create. We work with you to create a digital footprint that drives awareness, leads, and sales.

We will be more than another business advisor – we will be your partner in growth. Our agency has been recognized for delivering results through innovation and design expertise.

Our metric for success focuses on the number of leads or revenue generated for our clientele because this is what really matters when it comes down to increasing business growth rates.

Best Practices and Latest Innovations

New marketing strategies emerge constantly to reach web users in the most effective way possible. We are continually looking for the most efficient techniques for promoting your brand with an online audience. We may run paid advertising campaigns, implement new methods for improving search results, push content on social media platforms, or better ways to connect on social.

Transparent Forward Strategies

Our main focus is to provide long-term solutions, guaranteeing results within a specific time frame. This commitment to transparency is one of our key values. We keep the clients informed regularly about the status of their business.

With our reports, we provide our clients with an overview of both the efforts and results that contribute to their campaigns. We communicate openly about what we do and how we do it for the benefit of our clients. 

Our experts are always available to help you understand how your campaigns are performing. And, what we can do to add some value to your business.


Jitan Kaundal

MD & Founder

Message from the MD

We started working with small-business owners, many of whom were hesitant about going digital. We showed them that digital marketing is crucial for them to survive in their industry market. As a result, we started providing customized services at affordable prices to fit the requirements of the business and gradually expanded to 7 countries. 

No matter what kind of company or industry they are in – from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations – every single one benefits from our services. We help companies utilize the web to grow faster than before, increase profits dramatically, and improve their overall customer experience – because we know they are all juggling way too much already!

Message from the CEO

It is rare for small businesses to embrace digitization. Therefore, they suffer from the improper management of their online presence.

Social media is the new business battlefield, especially after the pandemic and it’s more crowded than ever. This means that brands need to stand out from the crowd in a way that’s authentic and relevant to their followers.

With the power of the internet, we let small business owners across the globe maximize their profits without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality service.

Do yourself a favor and get on a call with us today!


Siddharth Bhan

CEO & Founder

Journey Tree


Both Co-Founders were working individually as freelancers.


WireMonster was built and scaled completely bootstrapped working for around 14 hrs daily for the first 3 months.


We had over 20 high-ticket retainer clients from 7 countries generating great revenue annually.


Operations continue successfully as we now have a strong team of 15 individuals working remotely.


We are now officially registered in the United States and Dubai.

We Partner With Brands of All Sizes

From Startups to Fortune 500

We Partner With Brands of All Sizes

We Partner With Brands of All Sizes

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