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(A Microsoft-Funded Startup)

How WireMonster helped A Solar Company Generate 135k+ qualified leads


overall leads generated.


leads in a single campaign at less than $0.6 per lead.


increase in the conversion rate in the first 6 months.
Microsoft Backed AgriTech Startup

Company Overview

SunCulture is a Microsoft-funded startup from Kenya that focuses on making solar energy more affordable with its revolutionary products. They use a pay-as-you-grow model since their customers are often small-scale farmers struggling to keep up with rising energy costs. Their most popular products combine solar water pumping technology with high-efficiency drip irrigation so farmers can grow more while spending less.

From the Client

Digital media gurus who are able to help grow companies social media presence. A great support to sales with the ability to target just the right customer personas and build up a pipeline of leads with high conversion rates. Wire Monster will take charge of developing a company’s digital media strategy and execution.

~Lucy Jonga, GM Kenya


SunCulture wants green energy to take over non-renewable sources of energy, starting at the root level. The client was struggling to generate quality leads and promote their brand effectively. They were very good at promoting their brand via Facebook, but they couldn’t reach out to farmers who had limited understanding and exposure to solar panels. Their main challenge was to guide and sell their products to these farmers. 

Our Solution

We know that keeping your brand’s message in front of the right people on the right platforms is crucial. Focusing on SEO, PPC, and Social Media Platforms that reached their target audience the best, we developed a comprehensive online marketing strategy combining paid and organic brand-building campaigns. We analyzed their existing competition and analyzed their target market to help them promote their solutions. Later, used this information to create an online presence that was both informative and tailored to their audience.

The Result

In every way you measure the results, collaboration with us was a huge success for SunCulture. We strengthened their social presence and generated 13,900+ overall leads from social ad campaigns in 3 months.

Social Media Strategy

We defined content calendars to maintain their post consistency and brand identity. Besides, improved their engagement rate with 11M+ post-engagements and initiation of 9000+ message conversations.

Ad Campaigns

After A/B testing various ad types, Landing Page Ads proved to be quite a hit for SunCulture as we were able to generate around 900 leads in a single campaign at less than $0.6 per lead. We helped them generate a conversion rate of 14% in the first 6 months.

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