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How to Boost Landing Page Conversion Rate?

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Landing pages are essential for any online marketing strategy. Unfortunately, most companies struggle to increase their conversion rates and sign-ups from their landing pages. 

Landing page conversion can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you are not getting the level of sign-ups you expected. Since so many marketers are trying their best to come up with new ways of getting people to sign up for their e-books or anything else for that matter, it is no wonder why there are a lot of options and tools out there that make the process easier – or so they claim. 

However, this does not always mean that these landing page tools will give you the best outcome possible. You need to explore and test various ideas and outline a plan that will convince visitors to sign up. The tools will just assist you to implement your blueprint, while we will help you build the strategy.

Stay on this blog by WireMonster to find out how to increase your leads from the landing page.

But first…


Why is a landing page necessary?


A landing page is a web page with regards to the business that you may want to capture to improve your reach. Once they hit that page, it should give them just enough info and let them know where they can go from there. It could be as simple as a sign-up for your newsletter, or it could be a complete purchase of your product at an online store. Landing pages can help you gather the information that can help you grow your business in the long run.

A landing page is a must-have when it comes to your marketing campaign. It captures as well as retains your target audience and gets them to perform an action that you want them to do. Hence, landing pages are useful for capturing email addresses, registering for an event, downloading a free eBook or selling a product. 

But how do you persuade your visitors to sign up? 

Read on for useful tips on how to increase landing page sign-ups and boost the conversion rate.


10 tips to increase landing page signups


Clear CTA 

Having a clear and concise Call to Action (CTA) on your page can increase the commitment rate and impact the bottom line. In an age where you have got less than two seconds to make an impression, and just 3% of web users who will ever convert on your website, you need to ensure that when someone lands on your page they know exactly what to do.

Simple Sign-up Form

Having an easy form is a straightforward way of adding more people to your list. The most effective signup forms are ones that ask for simple information like name and phone number or email. So, make it simple for your visitors.

Proof of Authenticity

Give them a guarantee that they will be investing their time and money in safe hands. Add those verified badges your company earned or include some testimonials and case studies or provide social profiles for them to explore what they are getting into.

Use Video

People tend to use easy methods to gain information. Place a video with all the necessary information and news so that the visitors can get the details with a single click. Show them what you got!

Appealing and Neat Design

A professional, stylish and tidy landing page design will stand out from all other pages attracting the user towards it. Add relevant and well-formatted copy/content, and you have an effective landing page that can help your conversion rate increase by maybe 100%. It is also important to keep in mind how responsive, appealing and informative are the functionalities provided on landing page design.

Optimize for Mobile

Stats show that 92.6% of users access the Internet through their mobile phones globally. That is a lot of traffic on your website from mobile devices! What is more important is to ensure a seamless mobile experience while making an impact on potential customers. In short, the mobile landing page design can help you drive more traffic and increase sign-ups for your lead generation tool. 

Use Exit Popup

Retarget the visitor with a specific message when he is about to exit the page. You may add some offer or freebie as well. It will make the visitor reconsider his choice. There are numerous pop-up options available to choose from. Pick one which suits the page idea. Remember, do not add a pop-up notification every few seconds. It will look spammy.

Include FAQs

A Frequently Asked Questions section will be useful for visitors to know your product/service better. Include all the probable questions in FAQs for your potential clients to make a well-informed decision. Eventually, FAQs helps to increase conversions and builds trust.

Capture their Attention

Anything unusual and prominent captures attention. So, incorporate such elements which guide them to focus on specific sections of the page. These elements can be anything from vibrant colours, text formatting or sounds.

High Page Load Speed

3 seconds! A visitor will make up their mind to leave the landing page in mere 3 seconds if it does not load. Statistics show that even a one-second delay can result in losing 7% of potential customers. Whether the visitor is on a fast connection or a slow connection, they still expect pages to load quickly. Therefore, a high page load speed is important for every user. 


Final Words


What would you do when you have an uptick in traffic but no corresponding increase in sign-ups? 

It is a common scenario for many businesses today: whether it is from Facebook Ads, Search Engine Marketing, or Organic Search. You put in time and energy into driving more traffic to your site, but in the end, conversions suffer.

We all know the power of a landing page, but whether or not you need one can be up for debate. An important thing to consider is how many of your potential customers are ready to take the desired action when they see your ad or PPC campaign on Google. 

Will they see your ad and bounce right away, or will they be ready to purchase? 

Well, it depends on how you devise the landing page. That is, having a well-designed and organised landing page can get you more sales and keep your business website converting visitors into customers or leads.