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7 Best Practices For Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

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Imagine you own a brand dedicated to fitness clothes and accessories. And you want to sell your products through Facebook. How would you go about it? 

Let us give you some options…

Will you 

  • build your organic reach (can take ages to give back results),
  • join random groups (some of them may kick you out for your spammy posts),
  • ping everyone on DMs (will you like to receive cringy promotional messages) or 
  • run ads (highly targeted to interested audiences)?

If you think you can get high percentage sales with the first 3 options, you need to explore a bit more. 

And if you understand the importance of running ads but are not sure how to set about with them, you will get a deeper insight into the Fb ads world with this blog.

Let us begin…

Do you know one of the cool features of Facebook ads that allows you to sell products to your audiences in a way that other social networks cannot?

Any guesses?




It is Facebook Dynamic Product Ads!

Not sure what is that? Don’t worry.

Read on to know more about it…

What are Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook?

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads allows you to reach a new audience based on their previous purchases. That is, dynamic product ads allow you to reach warm audiences interested in your products. And also, this ad format lets those who have already been to your website re-engage with your business.

And here is the best part…

This ad format will use the product images and information from your product catalogue to feature in the dynamic ad automatically as a single or carousel post.

Benefits of Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads are becoming an increasingly effective way to reach your target audience and direct sales with ads optimized to drive the best results.

  • Retarget your audience – This ad format allows you to target people who have already actively interacted with your business but have not made a purchase.
  • Attract new audiences – Facebook can advertise to people who have demonstrated interest in products similar to yours.
  • Highly relevant and scalable – The ads are shown to only those people who will be interested in your products. Facebook creates these ads automatically, reducing your workload.
  • Suitable for up-selling and cross-selling – If a user has purchased a certain item, you can promote a different item from another category to increase your revenue (cross-selling) or pitch high-profit products (up-selling) to your audience.

Top 7 Best Practices for Facebook Dynamic Ads

Here we are going to share 7 best practices for creating a winning dynamic product ad.

1. Begin with a reasonable budget –

Start with a moderate initial budget and bidding so that your ROI will be on the safe side until you learn what works and what does not before investing more. It will save you time and money down the road as you refine your strategy. However, be realistic with your estimates for your new venture so that you can get started with effective workflows or at least get the ball rolling if you are new to Facebook ads.

2. Maintain your product catalogue

Using dynamic ads can drive a lot of online sales, but it also requires consistency and a stable product catalogue. Therefore, ensure you are maintaining your product catalogue to inspire one-click buys.

Ensuring that your eCommerce product catalogue is complete, up-to-date and relevant is one of the most important aspects of running dynamic product ads. Check for the Facebook pixel configuration, good quality images, out-of-stock products and prices correctly. Also, see that your product set is large enough for Fb to choose the best products.

3. A/B test different ad copies

Increase conversions at scale by testing different ad copies. The ad copy needs to be tailored for the viewer to feel more engaged and informed about your product. A/B testing is a powerful new way for brands to test different advertising tactics and strategies without actually spending money on testing ads in advance. It is, therefore, necessary to try different ad combinations to understand your most profitable bids. It also means that you have to get creative with your ad copy to optimize conversions.

4. Set relevant time window for retargeting

While retargeting can be effective if you use a short time frame, it could result in ad fatigue. For instance, if you decide to show ads to those who added to their carts within the last 1 week, you are narrowing your audience. It will spread your entire budget to a limited audience. A better solution would be to increase the time frame from 1 week to 2 or more weeks.

5. Check for errors in Facebook Pixel configuration

Pixel configurations allow advertisers to specify the ads that will appear on users’ timelines and where a potential customer might spend money. If you do not configure Facebook pixel correctly, relevant product recommendations may not be shown in your ads. Therefore, constant monitoring of Facebook Pixel usage will allow you to maximize ROI from your Facebook ad spend.

6. Divide your audience 

Segment the audiences based on their level of interest in your products to target them with a different approach. For instance, a person who has your product added to the cart needs to be approached differently from the one who has just viewed the product on your website. The product viewer is not a hot lead to be targeted through Dynamic Product Ad whereas, the one with the product added to the cart is.

7. Have patience

Above all, the most important thing to remember with Dynamic Product Ads is that it takes some time for the campaign to build audiences and stabilize. You cannot expect results by just investing money in the ads. There is a lot that goes behind.


Facebook Dynamic Product Ads are a blessing for eCommerce businesses. They can effectively target both your current and potential customers driving real-time sales to your business. 

Just follow the above mentioned best practices, and you will set yourself up for success with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

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