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How To Grab Their Attention With Facebook Slideshow Ads?

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The combination of videos and mobile devices has developed a great platform for businesses to advertise. And with the widespread adoption of social media, video ads are here to stay.
That being said, do you want to create a video-like impact without a video-like budget on social media? 
Using Facebook Slideshow Ads can be the best approach for you!


What is a slideshow ad?

Slideshow ads are a great alternative to video for Facebook advertising. With the slideshow ad format, you can create a beautifully designed ad that can include multiple images with text overlays, music and backgrounds, all with no additional budget, plus they work great with CTAs.
You can use your brand images or choose from the bulk of free stock images available during the ad designing process.
Be certain about the marketing strategy with which you will back up your slideshow ad to have solid results.

Why slideshow ads?

Facebook is a great way to reach your target audience. Not only are the ads themselves aimed at your exact audience, but the site itself is extremely popular with everyone from millennials to baby boomers. 

Facebook ads are easy to manage, and it is easy to keep track of how much you are spending. Moreover, one of the best things about Facebook is that besides text and photo ads, you can also create video ads for your campaigns which is the dominant trend in social media marketing and will continue to prevail. Therefore, if you have invested in social media, video ads are likely to be a critical part of any good promotional strategy.
But sometimes, video ads may not be a viable option for businesses, maybe due to low budget or lack of resources.
So, if you are using Facebook for business, it might be time to think about using slideshow ads. 
These fancy ads increase engagement on your Facebook page, visual content and overall brand awareness by allowing you to tell a story engagingly.

The slideshow ads have been going strong for a while. Advertisers are flocking to this ad type, and did you know you can use this format for lead generation as well?

This brings us to…

3 Reasons to Use This Facebook Ad Type

1. Easy to design 

You can create a slideshow ad right from your phone through Fb mobile studio. Besides, there is an ocean of free stock photos and music to use as slides.

2. Creates an immersive experience

Slideshow ads are super easy to create at lesser costs and has equal benefits to any video. People with a slow Internet connection will also watch these ads with ease, as a slideshow will use 5x lesser data.

3. Makes it simple to understand 

The sequence of images or slides with text simplifies any complex processes so your audience can understand the concept or offer better and quick.

How Facebook slideshow ads help your page stand out?

Facebook slideshow ads are great for targeting specific audiences on Facebook.

A series of images used in the right way can tell a story or reinforce your brand and attract more viewers.

Just keep it simple. Keep it short.

Here we have some tips for you. Get inspired by them and begin creating your own Facebook slideshow ad now. The only way to see if this ad format works for you is to set up a campaign and see what works best for your business.

5 Tips For Creating Attention-Grabbing Slideshow Ads

1. Make a storyboard

Easier said than done! If your ad is not creative enough, people will start skipping it when they come across it, which leaves less time left for your ad to generate interest from viewers. 

When creating a storyboard, you have to make sure that you make your ad memorable for viewers. Never forget that an ad is a form of communication. The audience feeling attracted to your ad is a result of the fact that you made them feel something. 

Therefore, create a storyboard. It will let you create a plan to put to execution. Develop your narrative, its sequence and the resources you would want to use.

2. Use overlay text

Overlay text ads are the digital version of the old newspaper banner ads. It is an effective way to create attention-grabbing and high-converting ads. 

It works by superimposing the ad text on top of the image or video you are trying to promote. It is a simple idea but one that works incredibly well. People pay attention to ads, even if they do not know what is being advertised.

The key is to design an advertisement that catches your customers’ attention immediately. When someone sees the overlay text as they are about to click on it, they are much more likely to keep reading. It will cue the advertiser into thinking they are about to receive more information or an incentive – then prove them right!

3. Be eccentric

A big part of creating a memorable ad is to stand out with a gimmick or two. Do something strange. Different. The world of advertising is full of buzzwords and generalizations that tell how to increase your chances of getting noticed. That is why you have to remember that there is only one way to grab attention: be weird. Be unique. Be interesting.

4. Maintain your brand image

Slideshow ads should be done with thoughtfulness and should fit the overall tone and direction of your brand as well as be distinctive for the audience to grab their eyeballs. That means create clickable content for your audience that conveys your brand or product’s personality. Do not try to be too inventive with your ad such that it loses the essence of your brand image. Make beautiful, bold or surprising slideshows that reveal something unique about your brand.

5. Show off your product variety

You can use attractive product pictures with side-by-side comparisons in slideshows. Even if you only have a single product offered, make sure that your ad presents that product with multiple benefits. In a nutshell, showcase the diversity of your product categories or services to leave the viewers to explore different options.


Get in the minds of your potential customers with the Facebook slideshow ads. These ads can present your brand in the most effective ways, provided they are backed up with a well-researched plan and targeting.

Do not rely on any random strategies for your brand to flourish. Invest in quantifiable social media marketing tactics.

As a digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of catching the attention of your customers.  A glance at your ad space could mean the difference between an order coming in or not. 

Contact us to attain those sky-rocketing results you have been wanting to see for your business.