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How To Implement An Effective Dental SEO?

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Being busy handling their practice and running an office, dentists are not aware of the power and importance of SEO techniques for their dental practice. 

Dental SEO is a trend in digital marketing that promotes tangible results in any dentistry service. Aspiring dentists, dental professionals, and dental marketing specialists can look forward to practising safe internet marketing strategies for their practice by infusing some fundamental SEO techniques into their practice.

As a dentist, if you want a high and consistent patient acquisition, you have to implement Advanced Dental SEO techniques – which we are about to explore and understand right in this blog post.

The best SEO approach for dentists – Local SEO

Local SEO is a branch of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) concerned with optimizing websites and web pages for local search on popular search engines like Google. It, in turn, would ideally make your dental business reach more organic traffic, convert leads and promote brand awareness.

Why is Local SEO important for dentists?

SEO optimization for local search is an important component of a comprehensive SEO strategy for Dentists.


Let us bring to your notice that 46% of all searches on Google are for a local business or local service. (Search Engine Roundtable)


After searching on a smartphone for something nearby, 76% of people visit the business within 1 day.

Dentist Services are no different for Google than any other business. The algorithm will be the same for anyone trying to make it to the top.

So, dentists! Are you ready to pick up that drill and fill in the growth cavity in your business?

Here’s how you can do that.

5 Best Practices for Dental Local SEO

1. Create Google My Business listing

To begin with, the best you can do is to create a Google My Business Listing. Provide all the necessary business details any potential patient may require when searching for your service online. Ensure you have the contact information, business hours, description, services, and even pictures and videos. It will maintain the authenticity of your business. Besides, you can share posts and updates on your listing to retain consistency and brand awareness.

2. List your dental practice on local directories

Other than Google My Business, list your dental services on local directories and healthcare platforms. Follow NAP citations to ensure strong location signals throughout by sharing accurate details and contact information.

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. It is a standard followed to keep your details consistent on every platform. Hence, mention the same NAP wherever you list your business.

3. Ask for feedback from patients

Search engines adore anything that makes you stand out – like your business reviews from your patients. Request your service takers to write you feedback on google listing, social platforms, your website, or any other prominent healthcare platform.

Also, you must respond to all the reviews your patients submitted for your business as a symbol of appreciation.

4. On-site changes on your website

Both patients and search engines have a soft spot for a well-structured website – patients because they find the relevant information instantly, and search engines because they get the relevant information to display to the users.

  • Optimize location details
  • Use schema markup
  • Generate clean and short URLs
  • Include a footer with all the contact information in one place
  • Place Google map for your address
  • Keyword research and usage at proper locations
  • Include geotags in meta-titles
  • Develop a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate and responsive website
  • Upload blog content consistently
  • Bring healthy backlinks to your site

5. Social engagement

Besides implementing all the high-end SEO tactics, you need to have social business pages to interact and engage with your audience and potential patients. 

The current percentage of people using social media is 50.64% of the global population. Do you see the endless opportunity you as a dentist have to reach the people in need of your service?

Besides, 67% of marketers believe that social media will increasingly contribute to a company’s revenue (Hootsuite)


Dental SEO is not a one-time practice. You need to as consistent as you are with brushing your teeth.

If you want your dental business to flourish among the competition – you need to get your dental SEO efforts started right away. 

Implement some basic SEO principles to begin optimizing your dental website and gradually evolve your techniques and approach to get your services found at the right moment by the right audience. And, if you follow the instructions in this blog post, it is sure you would start getting exceptional results – once Google brings in more traffic to your practice pages.

You have access to a full-blown guide right before you. 

The best time to grow your business is NOW.

Hire Healthcare or Dental SEO Experts

We understand that as a dentist, you are busy seeing patients and taking care of your practice – making it tricky to handle local SEO yourself. Therefore, we suggest you should hire a professional service agency – a team dedicated solely to build and manage your online presence.

Get a quick snapshot of your dental service website’s visibility, marketing performance, and technical issues.