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These 6 Tips Will Boost Your Facebook Engagement

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We know that Facebook has become an important marketing channel for most brands. While some brands thrive on social media platforms, others struggle with engagement.

Increasing Facebook engagement is a big challenge for many small businesses. The solutions are not always obvious, and neither is the right strategy for everyone. Some cheerleading seems to make your audience happy, but other simple approaches might do wonders for a brand page.

If you want your Facebook posts to be more effective, you need to understand what leads to better engagement. Besides, you do not have to be a marketing guru to implement them!

These 6 posting tips will help you boost Facebook engagement and drive attraction to your brand page.


6 Effective Facebook Post Practices

Use audience insights

You cannot create targeted posts if you have no idea for whom are you creating posts. Fortunately, Facebook provides Audience Insights to help you build a targeted persona. You can know their gender, age, location and more. Add some more information like their pain points, behaviour and interests for creating a specified audience. You may use these insights for organic as well as paid ads.

Pin your post

A pinned post will appear at the top of your page. It can be anything you wish to display to the visitors of your page for a first-hand experience. There are various content ideas for the pinned post. You may create a welcome video for first-time visitors, promote your blog post or lead magnets and make special announcements.

Be relevant and consistent.

One contributing factor to the reduced engagement is a direct result of not taking advantage of social plugins and being relevant to your audience. Maintaining brand relevancy and posting consistency is an important aspect of managing your Facebook page. Only posting when you feel like, often leads to posting a status that is not relevant to your customers.

Conduct Facebook Live Sessions

Facebook Live is a big opportunity for any brand to promote direct interactivity. Besides, many businesses are latching on to this opportunity by creating and publishing high-quality and engaging content that offers value to their target audience. You may conduct informative sessions to discuss your products, address the issues of your customers, or you may do a fun casual Fb Live.

Create actionable content

The viewers must exactly know what to do next when they catch a glimpse of your post. All they need is a little nudge in the right direction. Posting content on Facebook with a specific CTA can help you with it. Adding a CTA which motivates them to take the desired action significantly improves your engagement on a post. You may add a link where you want to direct your audience, ask questions and much more.

Explore different post ideas

To understand how to get more engagement on your Facebook business page, you need to understand that it is not just about posting a status update and hoping people will take action. Posting a mix of content that inspire, educate or simply entertain your potential customers is the key to build good relationships with your Facebook audience.


It is no secret that Facebook is a popular social media platform. And it is a fact that Facebook posts garner engagement, which is necessary for your brand to flourish. By implementing these practices in the planning and execution of your posts, you will begin to see an increase in the amount of engagement received.

If you have not yet planned your Facebook page content, do it right now!